Fuel your intention with a powerful energy.

The energy fueling your intention can be more powerful than the intention itself. The road paved with good intentions will follows the pathway of the energy beneath the intent. When you dig deeply at the base of your intention, you will find one of the basic life energies of fear or of love.

Understand the origins of your energy. 

Energy is at the core of your existence. At the foundation of your physical existence is a need for survival. In support of that survival is the need for safety, love, belonging, and self-esteem. In response to any perceived threat to this foundation, the brain sends out an alert calling for you to jump into action. This alarm produces a core energy known as fear, that converts to other energy such as that needed to fight or flee. These signals get produced not only for an imminent threat to your survival but also for a potential threat to any basic human need, want or desire designed to support your physical existence. There is the fear of not having enough to survive (food, clothing, shelter, safety, etc.). Then there is the fear of not having enough love or belonging to support your survival. At higher levels are the most common fears of not being enough, such as any threat to your image or self-esteem around whether you are adequate or good enough just as you are.

Additionally, at the core of your spiritual existence is an unadulterated love not bound by the fear present in the physical existence nor by its related need or desire. This love is greater than that which comes only from the heart. Neuroscience is only beginning to scratch the surface of measuring this energy. Some scientists believe it can arise when the heart and brain are in coherence, creating an energy alignment that can be experienced and measured both within and between the essence of our beings.

The energy behind an intention can potentially arise from fear, love, or even a mix of both. But the energy of love is strong enough to overcome fear if you allow it.

Distinguish the energy outcomes of fear and love.

Unadulterated love leads to connectivity. It provides a safe climate for the emergence of positive outcomes such as trust, kindness, curiosity, compassion, peace, joy, acceptance, generosity, and cooperation. When an intention of love aligns your physical and spiritual realms, your work can flow almost effortlessly.

In contrast, fear leads to disconnection and/or dissension. It originates from your brain and your ego as an attempt to protect your all too human vulnerabilities. Fear triggers other emotions such as anger, sadness, envy/jealousy, and shame. Desire, craving, and aggression can also arise from fear in an effort to help you hold onto, push away, or acquire something — almost anything — to calm seemingly unbearable negative feelings.

Pause to check the energy of your intention.

Examining your intention is not a task for those faint of mind and heart. It requires you to lower your ego defenses and become vulnerable enough to become fully conscious of the energy that is truly driving you at any moment.

To do this, it certainly helps to pause mindfully for a bit of deep contemplation. Allow yourself to become aware of how you feel in your body. As you come to better know your emotions, you will begin to know where and how you feel certain emotions in your physical self. Sometimes fear or love can be right there on the surface. But often you must dig deeply to find the primal feeling of fear underneath the fear offspring of need, want and desire.

Improve the quality and effectiveness of your intention.

You lose the power necessary to carry out an intention when you divert precious energy to quell fear and manage its byproducts. It is important when you notice fear, not to judge or criticize yourself for this ubiquitous emotion. It is only present in an attempt to preserve and protect you. Each judgment and criticism is simply another attack on yourself, and this will only serve to elicit more fear!

Love increases your effectiveness and productivity. It creates an environment of psychological safety and trust, which is a research backed hallmark of a highly effective team. Intention has the capacity to serve a higher purpose when you infuse it with your spiritual energy of love. Then you are at your most powerful because your mind, body, and spirit are aligned in such a way that your energy flows unimpeded, rendering you virtually unstoppable.

Be inspired to align your intention with the power of love.

The next time you recognize that fear is present, pause to practice mindful self-compassion for your all too human vulnerability. Then rely on derivatives of love, such as curiosity and appreciation, to examine this fear on your ever mindful canvas. As you observe and notice your fear nonjudgmentally, curiously and appreciatively, you can actually watch it transform into an energy of love!

Transform your fear story. Align your intention with the love of your spirit and overcome the story that arises from your fear.


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is the Trusted Leadership Advisor, Consulting & Licensed Psychologist, and ICF Credentialed Coach who brings you more than 37 years experience in the areas of individual and interpersonal transformation.

She integrates ancient philosophy with current research and best practices to facilitate meaningful change in individuals, relationships, and workplace cultures. She is known for her intuitive and nonjudgmental approach.  

Cindy provides her own unique blend of Consulting and Coaching Psychology to those in positions of leadership and service to others to help you bring the best of who you are to your life and your work.  

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