Be Intentional About Your Energy Today

intentionalEnergy makes a difference. It can connect or separate us. It makes sense to be intentional about your use your energy.

Even one person can change the energy around them, positively or negatively.  Energy can connect us or separate us.

When you draw on the energy of love, such as compassion, generosity, and appreciation, you can make a positive impact on the story you live and tell.

It all begins with taking a breath and aligning the heart, mind, and spirit.  Interestingly, the breath of life in ancient languages also symbolizes the spirit.  We are all one when we experience and express love and compassion from the center of our being.

Scientists are working around the globe to measure and demonstrate how social coherence can change metaphysical energy patterns in ways to bring greater peace to the world.

Energy matters.  It affects everyone around you, including you!

Be intentional about your energy today.  Then observe just how much more effective you can be when you bring your authentic energy to your life and your work.


Dr. Cindy Hardwick is the Trusted Leadership Advisor, Consulting & Licensed Psychologist, and ICF Credentialed Coach who brings more than 37 years experience to the arena of individual and interpersonal transformation.

By integrating ancient philosophy with current research and best practices, Cindy serves as a facilitator of meaningful change and restoration for individuals, for their relationships, and for their workplace cultures. She is known for her nonjudgmental approach, her delightful intuition, and her gift of ideation

Cindy brings her unique personal brand of Consulting and Coaching Psychology to those in positions of leadership and service to others to help them bring the best of who they are to their life and their work. 

Learn more about Cindy and get in touch with her at

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