August 24, 2018

Authenstory Way Mastermind for Practitioners

A home for practitioners where you can connect, collaborate, and grow — a way to flourish even when life gets rocky.  

Listen, I know you’re highly skilled and respected for the great work you do.  You’ve reached a pinnacle in your journey and you’re wondering now about what’s next for you.

You really want something more fulfilling and less demanding of your time and inner resources.  Sometimes your direction feels a bit unconventional or even quietly contrarian to the status quo.

On the business front, maybe you’ve relocated, begun something new, or are considering retirement. You find the traditional ways of doing things no longer serving you well.

On the personal side, you may be experiencing changes in relationships or family dynamics. Or perhaps health issues, losses, or even transitions of those close to you have impacted much of your resources and time.

And despite that you’re truly doing well in this journey of life, the nature of your circumstances can make things a bit rocky from time to time.

Yes, I know you’re tough and you trust your inner wisdom. In the midst of it all, you always put one foot in front of the other, because things always have a way of working out for you.

And you’ve made strides in taking better care of yourself and in relying on spiritual practices to keep you centered and grounded.

But here’s the thing…it feels vulnerable, lonely, and exhausting.

And regardless of your highest intention, you still make the needs of others a priority leaving a scarcity of resources and time for yourself.

Even more than that, now something seems different…

This time you feel more vulnerable to what’s next for you, as if unexpected happenings could somehow significantly undermine your efforts or even break you open (or perhaps that’s already happened).

And though you might not want to hear it or admit it, those old inner voices that say you’re just not enough have once again risen to the surface.

And deep, deep down, there’s grief and fear  — even shame — lurking in the shadows.

This is a bit mysterious and confusing, but you know it’s there nonetheless.

Listen, I get it. 

With as far as you’ve come and all the tools at your disposal, it seems rather odd that you now feel so curiously unsettled.

Yes, you have colleagues to talk to, but their journey is different.  Besides, they turn to you for their guidance.

You recognize you need something more than your usual strategy…

Because what you’re actually looking for is to have a place

  • A home with peers, like you, who get what you’re up against…
  • A place where you totally fit and belong
  • A refuge where you can be clearly visible without judgment
  • A resource to support you to explore and launch your future vision

Yes, I agree you always thrive, regardless of circumstances….

But what you truly want is to FLOURISH, and for that you’ll need a different kind of support.

Support from people like you: holistically informed, spiritually guided, emotionally healthy, and amazingly skilled practitioners…

Folks who will challenge you to look at your life and work in whole new ways…

Peers who will stimulate your curiosity and inspire your thought leadership.

A place where you can get reflections from others on the difficulties that arise in your practice and in your life….

Where you can do your deep work in an incredibly safe and confidential container.

But to do that, you need to be with others who are really healthy, deeply intuitive, totally honest, and profoundly authentic.

You need peers with high regard for the integrity you need for the container to work for you.

So that’s what this Authenstory Way Mastermind is all about.

Authenstory Way is a model of self-leadership that promotes sustainable well-being. It’s a journey that creates greater meaning and purpose in your work and life and allows you to flourish regardless of circumstances.

Your authenstory is how your authentic self creates higher meaning from the running narrative of your everyday life.  It’s where your human story meets your highest self to carry on the authentic purpose of your work and life.

Authenstory Way offers a mastermind that’s an organic, synergistic, and collaborative process with peers like you — deeply principled and ethical.

The mastermind includes group process, professional & practice development, 1:1 coaching and/or consultation, a community for collaboration, and a creative visioning space where you design the future of your work.

And all of this is conducted in a carefully curated container facilitated by a highly seasoned professional consultant – coach – psychologist from whom you can also obtain 15 hours of CE/CME as a Psychologist or Physician.

Authenstory Way holds you to the highest of integrity as you integrate your wisdom and gifts for “what’s next” in your life and work.

This mastermind will support you to uplevel from “striving to thrive” to flourishing in flow. 

If you’d like to learn more or be considered for an opening in this program, click here to schedule a call with me, or privately email/message me for further details.  Let’s connect to discuss how this unique opportunity might fit for you or discuss other ways to work collaboratively together.

Wishing you much peace, joy, and love,


Cynthia J Hardwick PhD PCC – Psychologist – Consultant – Coach