January 7, 2016



The most important relationship impacting your leadership and personal life is the relationship you have with yourself.  As you come to know more deeply who you really are, you better understand the internal operating system driving your actions.

You can more effectively intervene with yourself to flip the switch and make energy adjustments when you expand your awareness of conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings and how they are perpetuated. This focus quickly transforms your challenges into opportunities and growth.

As your Trusted Leadership Advisor, I bring you nearly four decades of intensive experience in personal and relational dynamics in the field of behavioral change.

My job is to help you identify and work with the invisible dynamics at play both within yourself and in the relationships, culture, and climate all around you. Together we can surface and make sense of the intangibles that can so often create misalignments that often impede your progress and/or cause you to feel stuck in some way.

I leave no stone unturned in my curiosity and quest to get you where it is you want to go. My nonjudgmental approach is intuitive, insightful, and inspirational. I bring you a unique blend of Consulting and Coaching Psychology, theoretically grounded in an integrative approach that includes dynamic systems and mindful awareness from a holistic perspective.

My life’s work is about effecting transformation and change over time in individuals and the systems around them. I have a deeply applied understanding of the dynamics in individuals, relationships, and cultures.

When you include a healthy internal operating system in your alignment, you will be more naturally effective in your life and work.


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